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Episode 8: Big Babies


What’s with all of these UN delegates aboard the Fortress of Laughitude? Don’t they realize that misfortune befalls the “guests” of this place? Perhaps, they’ve come to their senses and are finally pulling the plug on this operation? Wait a minute. What’s that noise? It’s muffled screaming… very nasally muffled screaming. The Unibrowed Oil Child must be having another temper tantrum. Ah well, better check it out. It might be connected…


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Frank Jones: Deleted Love Song


Frank Jones, smitten with his lovely new robot wife, V.A.L., sings her a post coital love ballad that ended up on our cutting room floor.

V.A.L.: A Love Song

Enjoy, and please stay tuned this Friday for Episode 8 of Laugh Force Alpha featuring the thrilling conclusion of Frank Jones and his robo-spouse!

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Frank Jones: Refresher Course in Training


Hey kids, the conclusion of Frank Jones and his new Robo-wife comes out this Friday, but here’s part one again, just to keep you in the know.   It’s robo-licous!   PREPARE FOR DATA TRANSFER!!!

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He is risen… FROM THE GRAAAAVE!!!

Zombie Jesus

Oh, hello there.  I’m Malthor, henchman to the stars.  Frank Jones is making me post this picture he made in celebration of his favorite holiday of the year: Zombie Jesus Day.  It was supposedly on this day a couple thousand years ago that our lord and savior rose from the grave to feast on the brains of the non-believers.  Now every year, Frank makes us dress up like zombies to roam through Jewish neighborhoods and go knocking door to door demanding potato pancakes as retribution.  Mostly, all we ever get is shot at.  I hate Zombie Jesus Day almost as much as I hate Shank the Irish Day.


Looking awful in green skin paint,

Malthor the Indignant

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Episode 6: All You Need is Love… and a Corporate-Ordered Intervention


Why is everyone on this space station avoiding you? Every time you stumble upon someone, they scatter like cockroaches, giggling and mumbling about Valentine’s Day and medieval weaponry. Hmm. Now you smell something in the air. You’re pretty sure it’s not love…


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