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Fast Five Trailer - Laugh Force Alpha Style


Here what all the critics who were forced to watch this movie because it’s their job think about Hollywood’s latest action blockbuster!

Fast Five Reviews Trailer

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Flannel Died With Kurt Cobain, You Thrift Store Bastards!


Well, that was unpleasant!  I’m not sure that smell will ever come out.  Kind of like curried garbage.
So, another day, another reason to be grumpy. What about? I’ll tell you what…
Goddamn hipsters!  All I want is to drive my Rascal through the village and get a gyro sandwich, but no!  You asshole hipsters have to be clogging the sidewalk, standing around drinking your goddamn lattés and looking at your fucking phones and not laughing at shit that’s really funny like a bunny farting in its sleep!
You take me to a new level of grumpy!  Get a real job cleaning up high school bathrooms, and get some goddamn character!

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Hi! Now, Shut Up!


Respect your elders! You know who doesn’t? Those Laugh Force Alpha jerks! They tricked me into harvesting 50 gallons of highlighter ink, only to throw me a lemon party afterward, so I sued their pants off! Except they liked not wearing pants… so I sued them again! Now they have to let me type whatever I feel like on their stupid website! But right now I feel like that triple-stuffed burrito is forcing its way through me… I’ll be back soon, though, and you better be ready to listen!

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Fresh from our brain oven…